Enamel Pins

Pluto - rainbow plated soft enamel pin

Laura Talanti Design & Illustration

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This little guy is Pluto! 

When I was at school, Pluto was still a planet, but turns out he's not quite like the other planets and he's no longer classed as one of them. So I made him as a little reminder that you don't need to fit into a crowd you don't fit into! Be like Pluto, do your own thing! 

Pluto is a soft enamel pin finished in super shiny rainbow (or duochrome) metal for a colourful touch of extra awesome-ness. He's made in light grey enamel. This little guy measures approx 0.87 inches across - petite and sweet. Due to the nature of the plating, each one will look a tiny bit different. (And that's the beauty of doing your own thing - you're unique too!) 

He would make a super cute stocking filler this holiday season. 

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